Reasons and solutions for the handpieces’s water can’t come out

1. The water filter is blocked Inspection method: Under the condition of air and water supply, check whether the assistant control,main control and 3-way syringe can work normally. If the main control ,assistant control  and 3-way syringe do not work normally, consider that the water filter is blocked as the main problem. After the filter element is removed, clean it to see if …

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How to install dental chair

Hongke Medical dental chair Unpacking and installed dental chair demonstration 1. Open the wooden case Tools: screws, Claw hammer Notice: (1).Please check whether the wooden case is intact before unpacking. Please give us feedback in time If the wooden case is damaged (2). Please read the instructions carefully and install with the video reference  Unpacking sequence is as follows: A. Wooden roof A B. Front and rear …

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Dental chair maintenance suggestions

1. Surface clean Tools: 75% medical alcohol, cleaning cloth. Use medical alcohol to clean the surface of the chair. It is recommended to disinfect once per person after use 2. Moving parts maintenance Tools: Mechanical derusting oil It is recommended to add lubricating oil to the rotating parts every three months 3. Clean the water filter element in …

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