Dental chair maintenance suggestions

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1. Surface clean

Tools: 75% medical alcohol, cleaning cloth.

Use medical alcohol to clean the surface of the chair.

It is recommended to disinfect once per person after use


2. Moving parts maintenance

Tools: Mechanical derusting oil

It is recommended to add lubricating oil to the rotating parts every three months


3. Clean the water filter element in the ground box

Tools: neutral cleaning fluid, water, cloth

Check whether the water filter is damaged, and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

It is recommended to clean the water filter element with a neutral detergent once a week


4. Cleaning the inside of the water bottle

Tools: neutral detergent, water, cleaning cloth

Before disassembling the water bottle, please disconnect the  water bottle air switch.

It is recommended to use a neutral detergent to clean the inside of the water bottle once a week.


5. Drain the water in the Air Reducing Valve

Tools: neutral detergent, water,  cloth

Take out the air reducing valve, check whether it is leaking, if there is any leak, replace it immediately


6. Strong & weak suction filter and pipe cleaning

Tools: 1:500 chlorine disinfectant, water

First raise the dental chair to the highest point, use strong and weak suction to suck 1:500 chlorine-containing disinfectant for cleaning, and let it stand for five minutes.

Then use the strong and weak suction to suck clean water for cleaning, and then let the clean water out of the strong and weak suction pipe after standing for five minutes.

It is recommended to sterilize it after each patient use.


7. Strong & weak suction filter and spittoon cleaning

Tools: 1:500 chlorine disinfectant, water, cleaning sponge, small brush, tweezers

It is recommended to clean after each patient.

Put the filter in a 1:500 chlorine disinfectant for cleaning, pour-out the accumulated water inside, and clean the inside of the pipeline.


Clean the spittoon with 1:500chlorine disinfectant.


Clamp the spittoon filter with tweezers and clean it with 1:500 chlorine disinfectant.


In the end, rinsing the spittoon with 1:500 chlorine disinfectant.


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