Reasons and solutions for the handpieces’s water can’t come out

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1. The water filter is blocked

Inspection method: Under the condition of air and water supply, check whether the assistant control,main control and 3-way syringe can work normally. If the main control ,assistant control  and 3-way syringe do not work normally, consider that the water filter is blocked as the main problem. After the filter element is removed, clean it to see if there is any improvement, if it can work, the filter is blocked.

Solution: Remove the faulty valve and clean the faulty object.

2. The Water Pressing Valve malfunction

Inspection method: After stepping on the pedal and removing the handpiece, it is found that the handpiece`s water can not come out. It is suspected that it is a malfunction of the water pressure valve.

⑴ The patch in the water pressure valve is damaged, causing the link core in the middle disconnected, and the water cannot flow to the handpiece.

⑵The spring in the water pressure valve is aging, which requires more air pressure to push it open.

⑶ Adjust the air pressure first to see if there is water coming out, it means that the problem may be at the valve core or where the dentist adjusts the air pressure. If there is no air coming out, it is a problem with the patch in the valve .


⑴Adjust air pressure

⑵ Replace the inner patch of the water pressure valve

⑶ Replace the valve

3. The top wire of the bracket valve is loose

Inspection method: After the top wire of the bracket valve is loosened, the bracket valve moves down as a whole, but the displacement of the original pressing valve unchanged, causing the handpiece to be unable to close the air when the mobile phone is picked up, and the diaphragm of the diaphragm valve still seals the water and air ports, resulting in failure Water out.

Solution: Adjust the top wire of the bracket valve to the appropriate position

4. Water pressure is greater than air pressure

Inspection method: The water pressure is greater than the air pressure, and the air to not move the valve core, and the water cannot leak, causing water to enter the handpiece.

Solution: Adjust the knob on the air filter and 3 in 1 Valve.

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