Essential features of a dental chair

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lmost 100% of the consultation is spent in the dental chair and the most delicate operations are carried out, so it is very important to invest in a quality one.

The dental chair is the tool for the patient. In it, he should feel comfortable and comfortable enough not to move while the dentist is working. But it is also an important piece for the professional. The shape of the chair and how the patient is positioned will have a direct effect on the way they work and the efficiency and speed of their visit. A good dental chair will keep the patient in a good position for himself and for the dentist’s posture. Dental sessions are usually long and very precise, so this aspect is one of the fundamentals to take into account when purchasing dental equipment.


A good dental chair should have the following characteristics:

– Anatomical: The back of the chair must have the anatomical shape that cars have, for example. This will prevent the patient’s back from suffering and he will be able to lie down for a long period of time without the need to move.

– Articulated parts: arm, backrest, seat, armrests and footrest. Depending on the height of the patient, it will be necessary to incorporate the chair in one way or another. All moving parts of the patient’s body must also be moving parts in the chair, so that the least change that is needed can be made. It also depends on the physical form of the doctor and the procedure to be performed, the moving parts of the chair will need to be adjusted so that your posture is also comfortable and you can work for a long period of time, without problems.

– Movable by buttons: Moving the articulated parts with force can cause the exact position in which we want to have the patient to change too much. However, the buttons help a precise movement, neither more nor less, that we are looking for. As it is not manual but mechanical, we will also ensure that the chair does not yield a millimeter, and thus be able to work more calmly.

– Pneumatic foot : It is essential that the height and movements of the dental chair are carried out with the foot. The dentist usually has most of the time, if not all, the two hands occupied in the oral area of the patient. Sometimes, the operation that the dentist is performing on the patient cannot be interrupted but a specific movement of the patient is needed, so controlling it from the foot is the best option.

– Easy disinfection waterproof upholstery: More than a dozen patients usually go through a dentist’s clinic every day. In all of them, work is done on the couch and in many of them there may be loss of fluids or medications. Therefore, the ideal is a waterproof upholstery that does not absorb these fluids and that is easy to clean between appointments.

And so far the characteristics that a dental chair should have. It is clear that there are more sophisticated than others, but these are the key parts that cannot be missing for a good job and the well-being of the patient.

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