Payment Policy

We accept T/T(wire transfer),L/C as the secure and convenient payment method.

And visa, mastercard, PAYPAL through Alibaba Trade Assurance Order.  

Pay With T/T

Wire transfer is a payment method in which the payer deposits a certain amount of money with the remitting bank, which transmits it by telegram or telephone to the branch or correspondent bank (remitting bank) of the destination, instructing the remitting bank to pay a certain amount to the payee. It is now gradually being replaced by electronic remittances.

Pay With L/C

A letter of credit refers to a written certificate issued by the bank to the exporter (seller) at the request of the importer (buyer) to guarantee the responsibility for payment of the goods. In the letter of credit, the bank authorizes the exporter to issue a bill of exchange not exceeding the prescribed amount, subject to the conditions specified in the letter of credit, with the bank or its designated bank as the payer, and to collect the goods at the designated place on a regular basis with the shipping documents in accordance with the regulations.