Mobile X-Ray HK-R08-1

Circuit control parameters

1.Control box of technical parameters

  • Line voltage: Single phase 220Vac ± 22Vac;operating frequency 50Hz ~ 60Hz.
  • The exposure time can be continuously adjusted with a step of 0.01s,the adjustment range is from 0.20s to 2.00s.
  • Warm-up periods for the inner filament are 0.35s
  • Non-responsive time after each imaging is 30s.
  • Total on-load current ≤4A, Total power is ≤900w.
  • The leakage current and the grounding resistance in conformity with the provisions of the requirements of GB9706.1.
  • With remote controller it can be operated within 10m direction.

2X -ray tube parameters

  • Focal spot size: 0.8 × 0.8 mm2
  • The highest working tube voltage :70KV
  • Anode Voltage: 80 KV
  • Filament characteristics : Vf = 5V±0.5V, If = 3Ae. Target angle : 12°
  • The X-Ray tube Cooling method : oil soak cooling
  • Inherent filtration:0.8mmAl, length: 14.5 cm

3X-ray generator parameters

  • The focal distance: 200mm.
  • Total filtration value: more than 1.5mmAl.
  • Radioactive leakage value less than 0.002mGy/h.
  • X-Ray beam limiting method: beam limiting cone, length: 14.5 cm.

The mechanical parameters

1Frame mechanical parameters

  • The unit structure designed allows the X-Ray generator operate freely and precisely within the adjustable rang, it can be balanced and stabilized at any position.
  • The vertical moving rang of the X-Ray generator is more 400mm. Back and forward moving is more than 600mm. Start force is less than 35N.
  • The arms allows up 45°and down 5°push with multi-dimension flexible rotation, start operation force is less than 15N.
  • The extension arm can be rotated by 160°on horizontal plane, start operation force is less than 15N.e. The max height of the unit is 2000mm, the max width of the base platform is 650mm. Total weight of the unit 56Kg.

2The tube head mechanical parameters

  • The X-Ray generator device, on horizontal plane, can be operated with circle rotations(320°). On vertical, it can be operated with a return of 280°. The index value relative angle is 90°.