Bull Horn Reflected Dental LED Lamp HK-L11

Dental LED lamp used for dental operating, it is a standard fixture in every dental practice, because without these lights dentistry would be literally be in the dark ages. Something as simple as lightning the oral cavity can actually make or break the success of a dental operatory. Operatory lights are permanently mounted to the ceiling, cabinet, wall or delivery system and have a variety of swing arm options. These dental lights are powered by either halogen or LED technology and are adjustable to the needs of the dentist, hygienist and assistant. When choosing a light for your operatory, ensure it works with your delivery system, cabinetry and if your preferred position during procedures is compatible. Different lights have different color temperatures and lux (light intensity ratings), so be sure these are compatible with the rest of your operatory lighting.

The fully enclosed design is durable and the product quality is stable.
Digital display, illuminance adjustment board, can display illuminance and color temperature, so that the dentist can adjust the formal color temperature and illumination.
Two operating modes: auto-sensing switch and manual-sensing switch
The appearance is novel and unique, combining high-tech elements and innovations. The simple design contains the essence of the designer’s thoughts, and the exquisite craftsmanship and high quality level make the products popular.
Project / model
Power supply
Power consumption
 Light intensity (lux)
at 700mm 
 Dimension of pattern
at 700mm 
 Colour temperature (° K)
< φ8mm
at 50mm
 Eye intensity (lux)
< 200lux
 Net weight
 Interaction range20-80mm