Economical Electric Dental Chair HK-610

    HK-610 dental chair shape adopts perfect streamlined design, fashionable and elegant; combined with the clinical experience of medical staff and the actual needs of patients, from accessories to program control center, full mold production, with high-strength precision casting process a new design of a cost-effective dental chair.
The perfect design of HK610 dental chair enables medical staff to complete four-hand operation with both hands, greatly improving the eficiency of the doctor and greatly improving the comfort of the patient.

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Electric Dental Chair


Feeling Caregiving

Ergonomic Design

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Simplified on the outside Refined on the inside

Every part is carefully selected

Combination of multiple core technologies

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Hard As A Rock

Bearing capacity 200KG

The adjustment position is firmly fixed

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Filter At The Source

Cleaner & Safer

On the left is the strong and weak suction filter cup, which can clean up the filtered dirt in time.
On the right is the water vapor filter,which provides cleaner water and drier air for the operation of the dental chair.
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Comfortable experience Accompanied by elegance

Thickened and widened, beautiful and generous, in line with the hip curve

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Quality is reliable


Long service life of the product

Dental chair details display

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Swivel/Detachable Spittoon

Various styles. Can be rotated 90°. Easy to disassemble

6-LEDs Sensor Oral Lamp

Bottom sensing switch. Lightweight, stylish, practical and responsive

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Integrated Forming of Cast Aluminum Bending Plate

Flash silver curved plate. Strong and stable

Unit Box Bottom Plate

Cast aluminum material. Integral molding

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Rotary Assistant Stand

Four-handed operation. Flexible and convenient. Large operating space

Doctor Tray Hanger

Smooth rotation. Flexible and convenient

Technical Parameters

  • Power/voltage:a.c.220V230V/50Hz; 110V-120V/60Hz
  • Water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa;      2.0-4.0bar
  • Air pressure: 0.55-0.8MPa;         5.5-8.0bar
  • Air output volumn: >55L/min
  • Maximum occupied space: 100cm(W) x 215cm(L)

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