Class B Autoclave HK-18

A sterilizer is an apparatus used to destroy all microbial life present on the treated material.

Applications: These machines are used in the medical sector to sterilize tools and accessory materials in hospitals, laboratories, dental and other health facilities. Baby bottle sterilizers are used both in professional settings and by parents in the home.

Technologies: The three types of treatment are by heat, chemicals and irradiation. Thermal sterilization generally takes place in a steam autoclave.

How to choose:The primary factor when choosing is the device’s speed-to-efficacy ratio.

Main Features:

CategoryClass B
Working typeFront loading and fully automatic
DesignClassic design
Program5 Preset sterilization programs
B&D / Helix / Vacuum testing programs
Data outputThermal Printer
SafetyMechanical + Electrical (optional)
Vacuum PumpChinese 
Water QualityN/A
Steam GeneratingSeparated steam generator
Water tank2 *4L plastic, open, easy to clean


Program121℃ Solid121℃Universal134℃ Solid134℃ UniversalCotton
Vacuum Times13133
Temp (℃)121121134134134
ProgramBD/Helix TestVacuum Test
Vacuum Times31
Temp (℃)134/

Technical Data:

Capacity8L, 12L, 18L, 22L
DescriptionSmall Autoclave
CertificationCE 1023, ISO 13485
StandardBS EN 13060:2004 + A2:2010
Plug3 hole plug
Wattage1.7 KW
Sterilization temperature105 – 134℃
Max working pressure0.21-0.23MPA
Life span5 years
Material of chamberStainless steel 304
Colors availableWhite
Screen typeDigital
Screen size2.5 x 2cm, 3.8x 2cm
Language availableEnglish, Chinese
Lock system of doorMechanical + Electrical (optional)
OutputThermo printer