Central Suction Unit HK-F04

Central Suction Unit HK-F04


  • Supply voltage:220VAC 50HZ
  • Electric current: 5.6A
  • Frequency:1100 W
  • Ail flow: 5000 L/min
  • Vacuum Pressure:200mmHg 0.8 Mpa
  • The highest pressure: 18 Kpa
Central Suction Unit

The dental suction unit is a very important element in a dental.

In 1961 the German manufacturer Dürr Dental made the first dental aspiration system. From that time, suction system has become very popular in dentistry.
This invention completely transformed the way of working for dentists, who began to treat their patients horizontally instead of vertically. With suction system, not only the hygiene of the process was improved, but also the ergonomics and comfort for the patient and the professional.
A medical suction unit is a key piece of equipment of any clinic or dental practice. Its main use is related to the reduction or elimination of cross contamination between the patient and the dentist through motors and aspiration systems.
The right suction unit improves patient outcomes, reduces the risk of complications, and can promptly intervene in the event of a serious dental emergency.
The aspirator is a machine that is responsible for sucking the saliva that accumulates in the oral cavity of the patient, the suction system is composed by the motor the tubings, and the terminal part of the suction system installed on the dental unit which is composed of rubber tubes and suction cannulas.

How the dental aspiration system works?

There are mainly two types of dental suction: wet suction and dry suction.
In the wet suction system no air-liquid separators are installed into the dental equipment, and both the liquids and the air are taken to the suction system. In this system, the suction motor works in dry conditions, but the device itself has an air-water separator, more efficient than the one usually installed into dental units, which ensures that no type of liquid reaches the motor. The liquids are sent to a drain that must be placed into the engine room.

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Supply Voltage
220V AC 50 HZ
Electric current
Suction flow rate 
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