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Controlled  integral  dental unit
Controlled  integral  dental unit Controlled  integral  dental unit

Controlled integral dental unit


Power/voltage: a.c.220V-230V / 50Hz; 110V-120V / 60Hz

Water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa / 2.0-4.0bar

Air pressure: 0.55-0.8MPa / 5.5-8.0bar

Air output volumn: >55L/min

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                 European classical ,elegant and durable

HK-610 shape adopts perfect streamlined design, fashionable and elegant; combined with

the clinical experience of medical staff and the actual needs of patients, from accessories

to program control center, full mold production, with high-strength precision casting process,

a new design of a cost-effective dental chair.

                                            Improve your daily work

The perfect design of HK610 enables medical staff to complete four-hand operation

with both hands, greatly improving the efficiency of the doctor and greatly improving

the comfort of the patient

                                                           EASY TO USE

              Folding  headrest                                   Rotatable  Unit  box                  Ultra Low Chair position(<390mm)          Ergonomically designed chair

                                                                                                                                                                                                               cushion and backrest

                                            CONVENIENT TO MAINTENANCE                       

Plug-in fuse,easy for maintenance       Neat piping Assembly of the table      Neat piping Assembly of the unit box         Standardized cast Aluminum 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mould accessories

                                                           EASY TO CLEAN

  LED Reflective sensor Lamp LED                    Air-water-elextricity switch              Detachable spittoon ( Color optional )                  Rotatable spittoon

  with adjustable color temperature                                   







24V DC Taiwan Timotion motor for chair (safety system)

Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system

LED operating light with sensor

Down-mounted instrument tray with air break

High suction & saliva ejector system

3-way syringe (hot/cold water)

Pure water supply system

Main switch for water/air/power

Removable ceramic spittoon(detachable)

Seamless cushion (PU)



Built-in ultrasonic scaler

Built-in LED curing light

Intraoral camera system

4-holes high speed handpiece

4-holes low speed handpiece

Up-mounted instrument tray

Oil-less air compressor

Tissue box three-piece

Sewed Eco-leather cushion

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